Finding out how iXBRL tagging will be implemented in Ireland by Revenue

Revenue iXBRL top miniOkay, so you’ve heard about iXBRL tagging somewhere along the line but where do you start to look for the kind of information that will tell you how it relates to your own particular circumstances ?

In this article, we will try to point you to some sources of information that should help you.

The main stop is the iXBRL part of the Revenue website:

Revenue iXBRL top miniRevenue iXBRL top miniRevenue iXBRL top miniAt the foot of this page, there is a link to a FAQ page

But for most businesses, the most informative document on the actual practical implementation is a copy of the presentation given by Revenue with PWC during the iXBRL Roadshow events of March / April 2014.

It’s the last link in the ‘Consultation/Communication’ section of the main Revenue iXBRL page (remember, that’s the page), with the title ‘roadshow slideshow’

It’s a PDF of 1.99Mb, so may take a little while to download but it is well, well worth it!

It covers everything from which Accounting Notes don’t have to be tagged, to when each category of company has to file and tells you about the extra 21 day concession after the CT filing date, for getting your iXBRL tagged accounts uploaded on ROS.

That’s all for now folks, more again soon !


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